How Pratima gained her confidence??

Pratima is an active homemaker from Mohali. She visited us in Liberty Hospital, Mohali with her husband on 29th May 2021

Both of them were too anxious. They were in the dilemma of whether to join the Nutrition Program. Initially, they were apprehensive and just wanted to consult and shared her health-issues. 

She shared she was suffering from various body aches, very low energy levels, insomnia, irregular periods cycles. 

By the time her weight was increasing in spite of being physically active. Pratima then decided to follow for 6months dedicatedly.

We further investigated and went through the process. Later it was diagnosed with higher HbA1c, Vitamin D Deficiency, and dyslipidemia.

We customized and personalized- Specific Diabetes and Weight Management Nutrition plan  considering her other health issues along with the guided exercise. She wasn’t on any medication also.

Obviously, like everyone she also faced various challenges like a lot of travelling, going out and many more.

During his Journey we focused more on her lifestyle management than only restricting the foods she eats.  Since then she is able to follow such a routine.

After 6months , She lost 7kgs, 4-5 inches, got her normal HbA1c, Normal Vitamin D levels.

How Pratima Srivastava was able to Loose weight and Earned confidence -Testimonial Interview

Watch the whole video the recorded interview of Pratima from her own words.

Create your Own Success Story like Pratima , manage your health issues with the help of personalized nutrition.