Bharti from such a conservative family inspired her family.

It is said behind every man’s success there is always a woman, we also say there is a motivating husband for Bharti. We were in the camp of Dhampur, she visited us to manage her thyroid levels and weight management.

It was tough for her, being in a very conservative family. For all of them being on a diet is always something she need to leave eating normal roti and her basic traditional foods she had been eating since inception. Being with kids , traditionally rooted from the rural area of  Uttar Pradesh was a real challenge. Cooking the same food and managing her own meals. But with the regular guidance, support from us and strong determination made her to achieve her health goals within 3 months in 2017.

Later on all this was a part of her lifestyle and her family. She kept on working for her. But again back in 2020-21 , she went out of the track and could not manage her drastically increasing blood sugar levels from 300-350mg/dl, HbA1c being 13 %in June 2021 . She had to pop the pills and the dosage were increasing day by day.

Again we planned customized Diabetic diet while managing her increasing Thyroid and weight Problem. Within 6months we are able to manage her increasing blood sugar levels from HbA1c -13%  to 6% now , with average blood sugar levels to 180mg/dl-200mg/dl and her pills were completely stopped by her consultants itself. She is still committed to follow for the next 6months under our expert’s guidance and his super supportive husband Mr. Neerav 



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