Ajit an IIT professional reversed his Diabetes

Ajit an IITian by profession from Delhi, at the age of 33yrs contacted us online with his history of Uncontrolled Diabetes, fatty liver, Dyslipidemia, and Hemorrhoids in June 2020. He was concerned with the Increased HbA1c of 13.4 % and popping up a lot of pills. He and his wife were doing whatever they could do. The family was in the dilemma of what exactly is going to suit his body to make him feel better.

Personalized and tailor-made Diabetes Specific Nutrition plan considering his other health issues along with the guided exercises were handed over to him with regular follow-ups. After 3months, there was no need to continue the medication further. HbA1c came down to 5.9% and his liver- lipid profile started functioning better while treating his Hemorrhoids problem. than only restricting his diet. Since then he can follow such a routine.

Create your Own Success Story like Ajit, manage your health issues with the help of personalized nutrition.