Eva visited to her dietician with the concern that she is eating almost healthy in every possible way as per her knowledge by following the google and youtube. She says, ” I have cut down the calories, have reduced my carbs still I am unable to .


What could be the probable reason that in-spite of eating healthy , she is not reducing her weight?

Scientifically there are many reasons for it. So allow us to share few of them. Ask such questions with yourself.

  1. There could be changes in your body composition , in terms of fat, muscle, skeletal muscle mass percentage.
  2. How’s your relationship with the food you eat?
  3. How stressed you are in your life?
  4. What’s your portion?
  5. Did you get your blood parameters checked recently?
  6. Are you keeping a check on your snacking?
  7. How frequently do you snack?
  8. How’s your weekend eating pattern look like in terms of cheat meals?
  9. Are you craving for any food?
  10. How much are you sitting throughout the day?
  11. Probably you are not following consistently?

And a lot many more unavoidable  reasons. Find yours.

If you are seeking help to sort in any of these above mentioned issues connect with us to help you scientifically. TRUST THE PROCESS.