Moradabadi Dal

Though when it is about eating moong ki dal we often say that it is only meant for patients only. Being in Moradabad , a city in a state of Uttar Pradesh, one cannot skip out this authentic street chaat Moradabadi Dal. It is an emotion for any moradabadi who is there in any corner around the world.This is one of the yummiest and healthiest chaat that will also satisfy the taste buds without affecting the health.

The beauty of this chaat is the boiled dal with the toppings can be eaten in any of the meals without any guilt.


– Moong Dhuli dal(split)- 1bowl (Raw)
– Salt


– Desi Ghee -2tsp
– Asafoetida-(Hing)- a pinch
– Roasted Jeera- a pinch
– Red Chilli- to taste
– Salt- to taste
– Coriander Chutney- to taste
– Black Salt- to taste
– Amul Butter – 5 grams
– Tomatoes -Chopped- 2medium size
– Onion- Chopped-2 medium size
– Lemon- 1
– Cottage Cheese- 10grams


1. Pressure cook & boil Moong Dal 1bowl in 3-4bowl water adding up only salt as per taste.
2. Boil till it becomes mushy and smoother in texture.
3. Prepare Seasoning of Desi ghee, Hing & Red Chilli.
4. In a bowl , put boiled moong dal, add desi ghee seasoning 1 tsp, toppings of onion, tomatoes, coriander chutney,black salt , roasted jeera, add butter, cottage cheese approx 5 grams and squeeze lemon.

Nutrition Information

1Bowl- Cooked
– Calories- 200-250kcal
– Protein- 4grams