Litchi / Lychee

This exotic fleshy juicy fruit gives many reasons to relish it this summer. The external red color gives similar to the strawberries and internal translucent, soft, fleshy pulp makes it irresistibly #delicious.

How to pick ?

Select litchis that are solid, really feel heavy, as well as have a completely dry covering. Stay clear of the ones that feel soft, or have broken shell or black spots.
They have shorter shelf life. When kept in the fridge in a plastic bag, they can last for 10 days. Refrigeration normally transforms the covering of the litchi darker without affecting the fruit

The flavonoids, the vitamins, minerals and polyphenol content are the healthy secrets giving its unique taste, here are #8NutritionalBenefits:

1. Assist weightloss 1 cup gives 125gms calories with a decent amount of fiber. So, these can be swapped as a mid snack

2. Boosts immunity One cup = 136 mg of vitaminC. This amount is exceedingly high and quantifies to 226% of your daily recommended intake of vitamin C. One of the main benefits of vitamin C is strengthening immunity. So, if you have litchis regularly you are naturally less likely to fall sick due to common cold and flu.

3. Anti-Cancer properties due to high in antioxidants and flavonoids

4. Controls highbloodpressure due to high potassium content.

5 Antistress

6. AntiAgeing Good for skin due to higher antioxidants. Clears skin from acne, helps skin to glow as well

7. Aids better digestion A lot of water material, which has a calming result on the belly, and a substantial quantity of fiber, that aids in food digestion

8. Prevents Cataract Litchis consist of phytochemicals that exhibit antioxidant and antineoplastic properties, which means they assist stop uncommon growth of cells

However, the consumption of the fruit causes hypoglycemia at night due to an unusual combination of aminoacids in the fruits, leading to seizure and coma, and death in many cases. Consumption of them can be dangerous only if you are malnourished.

Every food or recommendation has its bio-individualized response to the individual. This post is meant for education and for creating awareness.