Kanji ka pani – Fermented Mustard Water

– 1 Carrot
– half Beetroot
– 1 Tbsp Mustard seeds (ground)
– 1 litre Water
– Black salt to taste

Recipe for Kanji ka pani
– Add all above ingredients in a jar
– Pour 1 litre water and mix
– Cover it with muslin cloth and let it ferment for 48 hours in sunlight.
– After 48 hours, taste it, add more salt if required. It should have a hint of sourness.
– Refridgerate and serve chilled.
– Add chunks of these veggies.

Points to remember:
– Kanji ka pani Can be stored up to 15 days in Refrigerator.
– Add extra mustard to Kanji ka pani if you need extra sourness.

Benefits & Advantages of having kanji or Kanji ka pani
– Good for diabetic and for weight management
– Aids digestion by stimulating growth of natural probiotics
– Promotes healthy bowel movement – it is good for your gut