Benefits of Real Breakfast for Sports Persons

BreakfastWe are often told by everyone that Breakfast is the very crucial meal of the whole day. Breakfast is our foundation meal of the day.

Breakfast means Breaking your Over night Fast.

But being a sportsperson, to wake up early for the early morning sessions -training and filling up the stomach with the nutrition is a task for many.

Starting the day with the positive note each and every day is itself a task to be accomplished. Putting the Right Nutrition into the Right Amount at the Right Time is very important



      1. Provides Energy  and Nutrition for the whole day.

* For morning sessions/ training/ events.

* Aids recovery from any previous illness or injury.

  2. Helps to control Hunger pangs , that are felt usually in the evening or late night .

      3. Helps to concentrate , focus and improves mental alertness required into your Game/ Event

      4. Helps to regulate appropriate weight

      5. Sports persons are more likely to develop Eating Disorders. Hence, Breakfast is an amazing tool to fuel the body and avoid from developing so.



  • Grab Nuts, Sprouts, Mix Trail seeds along with any Seasonal fruit either with Milk or Curd  is a Quick on the go Idea to be included.
  • Keep changing the breakfast by including the healthier version